Diving Deeper Into Bread

One of the most interesting topics to me this year has been our week of investigating bread. So many things about bread and its history were unknown to me before, so for my final investigation I'd like to dive deeper into the history of bread, the biochemistry of bread, and look into the materials in a more complete nature that were assigned to us as well as finding my own sources. The fact that bread is so widespread in different cultures and such a basic staple to many makes me want to understand it in a deeper way. I would investigate how we smell bread twice - once before we eat it and once as we are eating it. I would investigate the different types of flours that can be used and how the quality of the bread is different for each one. I would also study how people have begun introducing more ingredients to the basic bread recipe of just flour, water, and salt, and how this affects the way that we eat bread. I'd also like to investigate some of the greatest historical bread shortages and how they were resolved. I am unsure of how this research will take form in my final project - it could be a collage, a different type of drawing, a mental map of the information, a loaf of bread, or something else entirely.