Extra Credit: Physical Chemistry Seminar: Prof. Andrew Pelling

Good evening everyone,

Today I went to Physical Chemistry Seminar by Prof. Andrew Pelling. He is ahead of a laboratory at the University of Ottawa. Also, he is a founder of four firms and in the process of creating one more company. His seminar was today on Monday, April 26 at 4 pm. Professor Pelling was talking about what type of work he and his team do at the lab and their latest scientific interest as well as previous research interests and publications. 

I honestly loved this seminar and the things he told about his research work. I am even considering doing my own little search about his work and lab so that I could maybe see possibilities of me working on something at his lab and helping them with their research. Their ideas sound like they are from a fantasy book and I love it. 

In that laboratory, they experiment on combining vegetable cells with animal cells. I am not a bio major. I am a math major so I do not know nor understand the biological side of things. However, the idea of combining and possibly using the results in the medical field blow my mind. This is an amazing biomaterial that was in front of humanity for the longest time. Professor Pelling referred to it as a stupid biomaterial but I think it is genius to finally use this material which was created by nature. Especially, since so far humans are not able to create anything better than things that were created and designed by nature. So, we should just use it and try to build on this amazing existing base. 

In their experiments, they first focused on leaves but it did not work. Later one of the workers thought of using an apple due to its structure. This did work and produced amazing results. However, Professor Pelling mentioned that a lot of their papers were very badly criticized since they lay outside of the usual scientific methods and viewpoints. However, I believe that the majority of the new discoveries lay outside of common scientific methods and that is why they called discoveries and no one found and thought of them before. Also, in the lab, they made experiments with asparagus and were able to create spine cells from it. These cells were able to survive in mice and will go to clinical trials in few years. I can not believe this since it is so out there and so amazing. 

Moreover, in the last part of the presentation, Professor Pelling said that they made experiments with bread and ramen during the covid-19 epidemics since they all were stuck at home except 2 technicians who were allowed to work in the lab. I thought that it was very cool that they found that bread works too. However, he did say that not any bread works but only Irish Bread which does not have yeast. 

To conclude, I love this seminar and plan to attend more seminars since this one was really amazing. Thank you so much for letting me know about it and allowing me to learn about such an amazing lab and scientific work. If it was not for this class I could have never found out about this amazing lab since I am far from biology field.

Best wishes, Nora.

P.s. I do not know how extra credit works. So, I made few screenshots to prove that I went. I took pictures of the names of his companies and the seminar itself.