This course studies how bioart blurs distinctions between science and art through the combination of artistic and scientific processes, creating wide public debate. It explores the history of biotechnology as well as social implications of this science.
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Week 9 Blog: Update on Final Paper

Group update: we will divide the topics into two groups, one that focuses on how humans depend on the environment and the second group will focus on how the environment depends on humans.I am part of the climate change group because my project discusses how climate change has affected coral degeneration and how we can use sustainable architecture to reduce industrial contribution to climate change. We will also incorporate topics that embrace themes of small and large actions that affect our environment.

Abstract & Progress

Our group has found a strong focus on the back and forth relationship between humans and society to the environment and climate change. In regards to the pandemic as well as the world that precedes and follows this global crisis, we will look at different ways that the environment has impacted us and how we can do our part to have a beneficial impact on the environment and make up for the degradation of it.

Week 9: Finished Final Rough Draft

After meeting and discussing with my group, I think that my portion of our chapter will work to address how misinformation surrounding both vaccines and stay at home orders can manifest in protest. Since our group is focusing on the history of anti-vax beliefs, it is important to talk about current opinions surrounding vaccines, especially during these pandemic times.

Rough draft  (images will have to be updated for copyright purposes)

Week 9: Updates on Final Chapter (Misinformation)

Thus far I have expanded upon my final chapter! I plan to continue to work on it throughout the week, especially expanding on my analysis of the mentioned artists and exhibits. For now, I have expanded on what I wrote for last week's update and am working with my group in preparing for our final presentation. This is our planned chapter structure.

1. Emma: history of pandemics

2. Trina: conspiracy theories

3. Omar: racial inequality

4. Ali: social psychology of protest

5. Arron: hoarding & panic

Week 9: Update on Final Paper + Abstract

This week, I continued to work on my final paper by adding more information. I added information about Beuys' Acorns by Ackroyd and Harvey and Recycling Yantra by Raphael Perret, and how they each discuss climate change in different ways. Also, I added a conclusion and transition paragraphs in order to demonstrate fluidity throughout the paper. Lastly, I included information about how air pollution can also harm people's immune system, therefore inhibiting their ability to fight disease. 

Week 9: (Anti-)Vaccination Group Updates and Individual Rough Draft

Group Presentation + Chapter Progress: 

The format of my group, the (Anti)-Vaccination group, will be a chapter organized to portray a progression of time to relate between our individual chapters. 

Here are our collective notes and proposed outline for the flow of the work: 

Progression of time:

Group Progress Update and Updated Rough Draft of Final Paper

Our group project involves many different topics that at first we had trouble stringing together in a cohesive way. Our discussion with Dr. Vesna was useful in illuminating a nice structure to follow. Our piece will be split into two sections: how the environment can help us, and how we can help help the environment. We hope to lace these two ideas together through a journey of scale - discussing detailed examples of biomimicry and biophilia (how nature helps us) and then transitioning into larger topics of perception and climate change (how we must help nature). We may include a graphical introduction, similar to a Prezi, where the reader can click portions of the image and be taken to that section of the book. We will highlight the necessity of a reciprocal relationship with nature and use the novel coronavirus pandemic as a case study/platform to introduce artistic/architectural pieces to bolster this relationship.

Below is a rough draft of my paper thus far. I need about 1000 more words to hit the needed word count, but I am having trouble figuring out what to expand on. I would love for any feedback regarding where to go next, or what needs to be clarified. I'm thinking about including a section about traditions and customs of groups of people who do have a reciprocal relationship with nature and how others can learn from those customs.

Week 9: Final Paper Rough Draft and Chapter Updates

Here's an update on how my final paper is going! I'm still working on adding more information on specific herbal remedies to tie my paper into the rest of my chapter. With my group we came up with how we wanted to order our papers together so they flowed in a logical fashion. My paper would go last so I'm also working on writing a short conclusion for the chapter. I am currently also trying to find public domain images for my paper which has been a bit difficult, so I'm spending some more time on that right now.

Week 9 Update: Rough of Paper

This week I continued to work on the rough draft of my final paper and found a few images that I oculd use in the chapter. I still need to figure out how to reference the artists' work with enough description, as I was unable to find public access photos for their work. I also broke the paper into sections with headings. I would still like to rewrite the conclusion and tie in the next section of our book, on desire versus disgust. In terms of group progress, our group solidified the final layout of our book.




Update on "Antibodies: The Means to the End"

I spent this week looking for more artists to feature in my chapter, as I really would like to highlight the creations of those who have worked to inform about and reduce stigma associated with vaccines. I want to, again, stress the importance and value of art in enacting change by sparking discussion in nearly every divisive topic, as I feel it is sometimes overlooked.

Week 8 - Final Project Updates: "Synthetic Pandemic: Exploring the Sonic Applications of COVID-19, from Requiems to Remedies"

For the final, I was placed into the “sounding” group, where ideas of sound, in its musical and acoustic dimensions become a part of the larger conversation of the COVID-19 pandemic. From the last time that I wrote concerning my final paper, the general content of my work has not changed, but rather garnered a greater degree of precision and purpose, as I work toward a final project as well as a written review of literature to accompany it. 


Week 8: Rough Draft of Layout

I was placed into the Environment, Community, and Biomimicry group. Although each of our projects are related to each other through one way or the other, they still differ vastly in content. Our organizational idea has still yet to be finalized but a general idea is for us to organize our projects by scale, going from small to big, molecular to global. Because my project has more to do with the individual, mine would likely be in the ‘small scale’.


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