This course studies how bioart blurs distinctions between science and art through the combination of artistic and scientific processes, creating wide public debate. It explores the history of biotechnology as well as social implications of this science.
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Final Paper Proposal: Model Organisms

For my final paper, my main focus will be centered on the contributions of model organisms towards scientific research. Of course, there are many model organisms that have been used throughout the history of research, and it can be assured that all of them are important for the advancement of scientific knowledge. However, there are far too many to give ample and adequate descriptions of. Therefore, within my paper, I plan to focus the most on a few key organisms, highlighting their specific uses/contributions, as well as emphasizing their importance.

Musical Plants

As this quarter comes to a close and we plan to go our separate ways, we must stop and think about what we wish to do and continue to learn. This week’s assignment was to think critically about what we wish we have talked about and what we want to do for our final project. Since this is the final year of my undergrad career at UCLA, I thought about topics that were always briefly talked about in my other classes, but not fully discussed in depth.

Topic for the Final

I was really moved by our lesson on mycelium and the interconnectedness and expansiveness of its network. This got me contemplating ways in which I am connected to the earth and its ecosystems. As opposed to exploring obvious ways I wanted to dive deeper into the invisible networks that connect me and make me one with the planet.

Final Paper Ideas

For my final paper, I had a few different ideas on what I want to write about. I'm pretty sure I want to address the first topic I'll discuss, but I'll talk about my other idea a little bit because I'm a little worries about writing 3000+ words on just this one topic. So I might do two shorter papers, one on each topic! 

The Healing Properties of Nature

Final Topic- Looking Beyond the Surface

One important lesson I have taken away from this course is that nothing is as simplistic as it may appear. There are great complexities in everything on this planet and in this universe, and it is our duty as the observer to look beyond what we think we know. This includes questioning whatever reputation or stigmas may be out there and doing our own research to learn the truth. Thus, for my final project, I want to look at commonly misunderstood or misrepresented scientific topics and explore their deeper details.

Exploring Music In the Operating Room

I’ve always been beyond intrigued with the relationship of music and medicine, specifically the use of music in the operating room. I remember the first time I encountered a picture of a man undergoing surgery to remove a brain tumor while simultaneously playing the violin. It is amazing to see the wondrous abilities of the human body in addition to the wondrous effects music can have on the human body. Thus far, we were able to explore the intersectionality of frequencies and the rhythm of the human heart.

Perception: Influences & Alterations

My final paper will focus on the affective perception on to the world we see. Here I will analyze and comment on the different methods where the perception may be impacted through use of art, pharmaceuticals, pathophysiology, and etc. Through this quarter one of the most significant themes that arose for me was the importance that perception albeit different individuals, there is much larger portion where it's shared by society. I think this is where the idea of culture, group identity, or tribe comes from.

Final Project Proposal: Healing Through Sound

Sound healing is one of the oldest forms of healing, believed to date all the way back to ancient Greece (Santos-Longhurst, 2020). It can be used to treat different disorders such as anxiety, depression, PTSD, and other behavioral and psychiatric disorders. It’s believed to also lower stress, decrease mood swings, improve sleep, and even lower cholesterol levels (Santos-Longhurst, 2020). As a musician, I have learned about the benefits of music therapy for anxiety levels and rehabilitation from brain injuries, but I have not really considered how it works.

Imaging and Microscopes

The beauty behind Art-Sci is how you can take various artistic directions within the field of STEM in order to express yourself or highlight/ elaborate on a specific topic or field. Because of the vast possibility and directions within Art-Sci, we see such amazing final topic ideas as proposed by our class on this site.

An Introduction to Chinese Bread

For my final paper, I have a possible topic idea. I haven't completely decided if this is the topic I am settling on, but I am really interested in this concept, especially after that week we discussed yeast and bread and its environmental effect. However, I wanted to diverge a bit from that topic and discuss "bread" in Chinese culture, the different forms/types that exist, and how they each play a role on the environment due to the components that make up each of them.


Week 8 - Final Paper Proposal: Exploring Italy Through Bread: The Intersection of Each Region’s Bread with Art, Culture, and the Environment

Final Paper Proposal-

Title: Exploring Italy Through Bread: The Intersection of Each Region’s Bread with Art, Culture, and the Environment


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