This course studies how bioart blurs distinctions between science and art through the combination of artistic and scientific processes, creating wide public debate. It explores the history of biotechnology as well as social implications of this science.
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Updated Topics for Final

      My project thus far has focused on aspects of art therapy. In order to narrow it down, I have decided to focus solely on visual arts. I have added an additional component to my proposal which will focus on how mental health has been affected during this time and how art therapy can help it.

Disgust + Desire - Rough Draft // Notes for Berit

I am basing my final paper off of my midterm proposal (Week 4). I am currently collaborating with Berit Gilma and we are aiming to work on this text together. Since this was a bit last minute, I don't have much to show yet. But, I've made notes where I think her research could go well. Her proposal idea is there too if you want to go read!


Updated Outline: (addressed to Berit)

Updated Outline

I have updated my outline a little bit with some new information based on a little research that I did earlier today. I unfortunately couldn't start writing the paper, as I had two essays due last night that took up all of my time. I plan to finish conducting most if not all my research Tuesday-Thursday, and I will start working on the paper little by little everyday after that. 

Outline (Music and Silence)


Updated Draft

Ok here is my slightly more written out draft. I'm still haven't written the transitions, but the bulk of the research is in there. I haven't attached the images, but their links are there.


Keeping History from Repeating Itself- What Can We Learn from Previous Pandemics?


Expanded Final Outline/Draft - Perception and Scale in Our Environment

Points I am considering:

How do we perceive our environment and what does this bode for corona virus

A big part of how we perceive the world is categorization

A large component of categorization is size

What if our brain is not accustomed to the size – ie not a real size

Example universe, infinity env and one other

Example bacteria agar art, butterfly kite, glass art? Find other

How can we apply this to corona virus

What do we see in corona virus art currently

Week 8: Expanded Final Outline + Potential Images to Use

Meeting with my anti-vax group this week in class gave me further insight on how I could focus on outside factors that are inspiring fear over both vaccine development and stay at home orders. I am specifically interested in the role culture and media plays in shaping perception on the pandemic which can then translate into behaviors and action.

Final Essay Outline 


Week 8: Final Project Outline Expanded (Misinformation)

From some discussion with my xenophobia group members, I have decided to move to the misinformation group instead. I will be focusing on misinformation in terms of how it is caused, spread, and mitigated. I will also be writing about hoarding, one specific result of misinformation, and how it can be expressed as an artform. 


Week 8: Revised and Updated Outline + Potential Images

After talking to my group, "Food," I decided to add a bit more information to my section about the herbal remedies and home remedies that have been claimed to help treat COVID-19 and relate these to the rest of my paper, tying it into the idea of duality and how the current pandemic is changing some of these views. I did more research on the new business, "Covid Organics" which has grown in popularity as their herbal remedies have been claimed to be effective.


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