This course studies how bioart blurs distinctions between science and art through the combination of artistic and scientific processes, creating wide public debate. It explores the history of biotechnology as well as social implications of this science.
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W8 Drawing

I find that I am either a strong optimist or a strong pessimist, I am rarely a mix of the two, thus I made my lines intersect at the end since I don’t switch between them.  Optimist = light, cloth/feather-like ; Pessimist = dark, overwhelming.

Screen Shot 2020-05-20 at 15.35.19.png



I drew my pessimist line as being rather thick and steep due to the fact that in response to this pandemic I have personally struggled to see the bright side of things. Its hard to have lots of faith in the government and people to create the perfect and organized response to this. My optimism line is wide with a waving line in the middle to represent that while I do try to have some optimism, it tends to fluctuate based on current events and news.

Lecture 8: Self Portrait

In my self portrait, I drew a thicker arrow pointing diagonally up to represent pessimism. Due to my disappointment with the administration and authorities in handling the pandemic, I feel particularly more pessimistic right now, which is why I made the line thicker. Also, during the pandemic I have been looking at a lot of graphs, and the upward trend in many graphs, which often refer to the number of cases, is a negative sign of the pandemic progression.

Week 8: Line Self-Portrait

Today in class, Linda Weintraub had us draw a self-portrait with diagonal lines representing our pessimistic and optimistic sides. She explained how we can take into account scientific facts and reasoning to predict the future, but the future will still always be uncertain. We each bring in our subjective perspectives when we predict what is going to happen. We can be "optimysticist" or "pessimysticist" in our views.

Line Activity

I really enjoyed Linda's activity because it showed me that despite the hardships the world is currently facing, I continue to rely on humanity's optimism towards these dark times. Art can be interpreted in many ways, and this activity shows the optimism and pessimism humans have towards these times in light of COVID-19. Most importantly, none of them are right or wrong, simply feelings humans face during these difficult times. 

My two lines

While my lines aren't beautiful, they are meant to describe a journey in which time moves along the x axis. However, the y axis doesn't necessarily represent good or bad (rather two different paths).

Line Self Portrait

Text from the picture: I decided on drawing wavy lines for both the pessimist line and the optimist line because my emotions are often fluid and fluctuating with different degrees of optimism and pessimism. I also drew my pessmist line to be a bit steeper than my optimist line because overall, I think I have a more pessimistic outlook as opposed to an optimistic outlook.


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