Final Paper

Week 9 Final Paper Thesis

In the past few weeks we have talked about pollutions from plastics and decide to make a book from our discussion. I personally feel that this will be fantastic and decide to continue my paper topic within the region of food, because that seems to be the most reasonable thing to talk about.

Toy Invasion

According to at least $35,106,500,000 US dollars have been spent on toys globally this year (The World Counts). Toys are a huge consumer market, and have been for many years. They’re a staple in almost every household with a small child, but the problem is that most of these toys are made out of harmful plastic material that causes damage to both the environment and the consumers themselves.  

Plastic book

In class, Professor Vesna asked us to blog about which areas should be included in the book when discussing the impact of plastic. We were told to think about examples that were already addressed in class and to also think about areas that had not been addressed yet.

Essay Responses

I think a lot of these projects seem really interesting. Brandon's project regarding the merging of genetics and music really struck me as interesting in the same way that Eduardo Kac's synthetic biology to insert words from the book of Genesis really struck me as an interesting use of biology.

Final Project Idea: Art subject

For my final project, I want to explore identity politics in bioart. As technology and knowledge advances, the definition of the human body is being redefined. Genetics shows us how strikingly similar humans are to each other and the rest of the tree of life. The discovery of the microbiome calls into question the scope of the human body. As technology develops, so does art. Art has begun to come alive, turning the art object into what Eduardo Kac calls the art subject.


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