Week 11

Birds in BioMed!

Today I ventured into somewhere I've never been before...the Biomedical Library's Special Collections stacks! I study in the main library often, but had never known of this hidden gem. What caught my eye was a display of gorgeous illustrations of birds laid out very delicately in a special case.


Observing the Art in Science

A week ago I went to the Griffith Park observatory for the first time. And while I visited the center for another class, I saw aspects of this class too in what I saw and I have decided to talk a bit about the overlap. I went to the observatory for my Evolution of the Cosmos seminar. That part makes sense. A class about the stars and the universe so you take a trip to a museum dedicated to science and astronomy. But I believe that the Griffith Park Observatory best embodies the successful merger between science and art.


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