Week 5

Solemn, yet earnest sounds

I was eager to carry out this assignment, but not for obvious reasons. We, as humans, are always compelled by and experience various iterations of sounds. However, most everyday sounds are habituated, and they become oversaturated and filtered out – as if they never existed, due to the propensity at which one experiences them. They become so abundant that we often tend to forget that these sounds are being absorbed. I decided to go outside with the intent of removing the filter, so that I may adjust to the everyday sounds I would naturally experience.

The Energy Around Us

This week we learned about different sounds and the wavelengths and frequencies that account for the way that we perceive them. The first exercise in lecture was particularly interesting to me because we were able to hear the upper and lower limits of human hearing. It made me realize that even though there is sound all around us, there is an infinitely greater number of sounds that we are unable to hear.

Sound of the Waves

This week's assignment was very interesting to me because I would've never thought of sounds and audio collecting as a form of art. It took me a while to think of where I wanted to go and collect these sounds. Then, I realized this choice was blankly obvious: the beach. The beach is my favorite place to go and one of my favorite activities is to just go to the beach and lie down on the sand and close my eyes and allow myself to focus on the sounds surrounding me. 


studying and sounds

During our lecture, I found it very interesting how our heart and brain rhythms are related to other rhythms that occur in our bodies. When we watched how fast our heart beats from 86 to 274 beats per minute, I started to think about how fast our blood needs to be pumping for our brain and body to receive all the necessary nutrients to keep our heart pumping.

My Journey Through Time: Piano Recordings from the Baroque era to the 20th century

My favorite part of this week’s lecture was seeing Carolina Eyck play her theremin. At first I thought that there would be worlds of difference between the way a theremin and the piano or other instruments like the cello are played. However, after watching Carolina Eyck on the theremin for several minutes, I noticed that a lot of her gestures and body movements are very reminiscent of how I play the piano. 

Sounds In My House

Good afternoon everyone,

This week's assignment was very unusual for me. I am not a musician or a physicist. So I do not work with sounds and waves. It took me a very long time to decide what to do for this assignment. Also, I was unsure how to do this as well as how to record and combine the recordings.

Elemental and Nature Sounds

This week in class we discussed wavelengths and frequency and how changes in these two variables can affect whether we perceive something as there or not. Sound waves and visible light both function in a tight range that consists of both wavelengths and frequency. This personally reminds me about the classes I have taken in physics as this is within the first couple of things we learn about besides the different forces.

Sounds In My Life

    Given the pandemic the sounds in my life are cyclic and repetitive. My days consist of studying, listening, to music and seeing a few friends. In recording sounds, I decided to focus on sounds in my life throughout a single day. I chose Sunday May 2nd to record the sounds I listened to that day.

Week 5 - The Sound of Home

The neighborhood I live in is surrounded by tall trees and lots of vegetation, my backyard included. We have a plethora of fruit-bearing plants, including citrus, apple, peach, fig, and grapes, to list a few. Of course, because of that, we also have a healthy variety of wildlife that pay our house a visit, including squirrels, opossums, and many many different birds, the last category being the subject of interest of this blog post.

The Power of Sound

     As someone who often gets very absorbed in whatever task they’re doing, whether it’s doing homework or playing with my dog, I sometimes completely drown out the noises that are going on around me. These noises, which I’ll call background sounds, are always present, but I rarely notice them.


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