Week 5

The Interconnected Cycles In Weeks 1-5

In thinking about this course from the first day of class until now, I saw many overlapping concepts. I even saw some relationships to other course I am taking this quarter. I'm not surprised by this, since many concepts we have covered are designed to be fundamental overarching ideas in life. In my picture, I started with a large tree. This large tree represented the starting point of the course, wherein we discussed the magnificent pencil.

Sounds of Tranquility

As a musician, I have experienced firsthand how sound affects our lives. From a young age, I’ve been very much in touch with the sounds around me. I grew up learning the piano and violin, and I studied not just what sound was at its core, but also how it made us feel and what it made us imagine via the art of music performance.

Sounds have Great Impacts on Mental State

My most listened to song on Spotify every year is “White Noise to Help My Baby Sleep”, I listen to it while I study and one year listened to the song for over 80 hours! I have always found white noise helps me focus and drown out the other noises in the room but I have never thought about why it works so well. After some research I discovered that white noise is made up of all audible frequencies simultaneously which allows it to drown out outside sounds.

Is there a Neurobiological Explanation for Satisfying Sounds?

Sound has always seemed like an aspect of life that people take for granted. Even for me, I love listening to music, hearing the birds chirping around my house, but I never truly had a deep appreciation for sound. It provides a form of communication, it eases our stress, it allows us to express our thoughts through art. Before the lecture, I did not know the potential that sound had as an art form.

Midterm Recap

These past four-five weeks have been very eye opening for me within this class. Unfortunately, I have not been able to go to the past few lectures due to my conflicting work schedule, but thankfully the class is recorded, so I still have been caught up on the material. I really enjoy the wide range of content we cover in this class. From carbon to yeast to fungi, there are a multitude of areas I find myself gaining more knowledge in and, probably, would not have learned more about otherwise.

Science and Food

As a molecular, cellular, and developmental biology major, I found this physical science seminar particularly interesting since the study of biology coupled with the understanding of physics is a niche topic that still requires more exploration and research. I'm amazed at the work completed by Professor Andrew Pelling for persistently challenging the rules of conventional science and common practice in laboratory cell growth by extending proliferation to biomaterials.


At first when I was told to make a piece of art that recapped the first four weeks of the course I was confused. I knew that all of the concepts we have discussed are connected but I struggled to imagine how I would connect them through art. I got a blank piece of paper out of the bottom of my printer and I stared at it. I thought about failing this class. I thought about my lack of artistic skills.

Midterm: Course Recap and Connections

My favorite thing about this course thus far has been the emphasis on connectivity of all things. Nothing exists in a vacuum, everything is interconnected, and this class has truly made me appreciate this. I tried to reflect this in my image, using images from the course as symbols to display the ideas addressed in the lectures and reflections, and adding some key words. The words and symbols, while they may connect more heavily to certain lectures or subjects that we covered, do apply to all the material covered thus far in one form or another.

Remembering Weeks 1-4

     With my drawing, I wanted to visually map out the ideas present in the four weeks past, writing down words and phrases that summarized my thoughts in boxes as I went along. Naturally, I began with the pencil in my hand. I thought about how the ideas and memories would flow from my mind, through the pencil, and into my paper.


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