Week 7

The Dragon, the Ox and the Monkey

Family dynamics shape the very core of our beings the second we were introduced to the Earth. The newborn recognizes the mother’s smell and is directly attached to her, the connection is further strengthened through the ritual of breastfeeding. As the mother watches her baby breast feed, she might think: Will this baby turn out to behave like me or dad or a mix of both?

Week 7: The Unexpected, Potentially Life-Saving Properties of Pig Organs and Chicken Embryonic Stem Cells

For Week 7, I decided to research the rooster (chicken) and pig because my mother’s Zodiac is a rooster, and my little brother’s Zodiac is a pig. According to the Hox Zodiac, roosters are known to be practical, resourceful, observant, analytical, straightforward, trusting, honest, perfectionists, neat and conservative. The vast majority of these qualities indeed apply to my mother. She is very much a perfectionist, neat, conservative and resourceful.

Sheep Beyond Sleep

As a child, when sheep were mentioned, I always thought about counting sheep to fall asleep, along with one of my favorite cartoons, Shaun the Sheep. I did not associate them with science, the same way that I did with mice or rats. However, as it turns out, sheep are used more and more in scientific research.

The Pig and The Rooster

When looking at the class in relation to which animals were present and which animals from the Chinese zodiac were missing, two stood out to me: the pig and the rooster. Both of these animals are used in agriculture and common animals that people eat as these animals are pork and chicken respectively. This is not the only reason they stood out to me.

Genetically Engineered Advancements

After having done research on my own Chinese Zodiac animal, being the Rabbit, I came into this week excited. I genuinely appreciated the information I discovered when researching the Rabbit, and was eager to discover more traits about other animals as well. Regardless of the fact that these Chinese Zodiac symbols weren’t as prevalent within the class, they display a similar aspect when it comes to representation. As a result, I sought to discover more about the sheep and rooster. I say this because of the advances the sheep has projected within genetic engineering and food.


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