Week 8

Week 8 - Final Project Updates: "Synthetic Pandemic: Exploring the Sonic Applications of COVID-19, from Requiems to Remedies"

For the final, I was placed into the “sounding” group, where ideas of sound, in its musical and acoustic dimensions become a part of the larger conversation of the COVID-19 pandemic. From the last time that I wrote concerning my final paper, the general content of my work has not changed, but rather garnered a greater degree of precision and purpose, as I work toward a final project as well as a written review of literature to accompany it. 


Week 8: Rough Draft of Layout

I was placed into the Environment, Community, and Biomimicry group. Although each of our projects are related to each other through one way or the other, they still differ vastly in content. Our organizational idea has still yet to be finalized but a general idea is for us to organize our projects by scale, going from small to big, molecular to global. Because my project has more to do with the individual, mine would likely be in the ‘small scale’.

Expanded Outline – (Anti) Anti-Vax Group

Meeting with the (anti) anti-vax group this week during class provided me with some great insight into the different facets of the anti-vax movement and how art can be used as a medium through this. We are structuring our group in chronology (past, present, and future implications of anti-vaccine movements), and my topic falls within the “present” category.

Week 8: Final Paper Draft - Is Herd Immunity on the Horizon?

Few expected the new decade to begin like this.

The COVID-19 pandemic has seemingly turned the entire world upside down. Thousands are dying each day from implications tied to the virus, and tens of thousands more are infected simultaneously. Those of us who are fortunate enough to have not had direct experience with the disease anxiously quarantine ourselves at home, yearning for the day when life returns to normal. This day may be hinged on our development of herd immunity against the otherwise potent virus.

Final Paper Outline Updated. Bears and Bulls: The Economic Impact of COVID-19

In this blog, I have submitted an updated outline of my final topic. I still want to address the economic impacts of COVID-19 on a macro and micro level, placing emphasis on the economy as a whole, the biotech and tech industry, and the art industry. I have also decided to place less focus on virtual reality and augmented reality (while still touching on the topic) and decided to include a little bit of analysis on forecasting the future of the economy as a result of COVID-19. I have also attached some pics and just a few of the sources I plan to use. 


Rough Draft Start and Updated Outline

After discussing with my group, we have determined an order that we would like to present our works in. We decided that I would be the fourth entry, in between an entry about yeast and one about the duality of medicine. This is because my work discusses both fungi and the medicinal applications of the taxonomic kingdom. 

Here is a start on my final draft: 

Essay final rough draft

After discussing with the Xenophobia group, we decided to diverge into other groups. I recently joined the Health group and was intrigued by the discussions of perceptions of disease that seemed to tie closely with my topic as well. I hope to further expand on "rewiring" our current perceptions of disease through the use of histology as an artistic medium.


More In-Depth Final Essay Outline

After discussing with my group, we decided to write this chapter in a chronological format, beginning with the past, present, and the future of vaccine development, resistance, and research. I will be responsible for the future aspect, which will analyze the development of vaccines in the past and compare them to the current timeline that we are in in an attempt to produce a COVID-19 vaccine.

Expanded Outline

I was assigned to the Health group, and due to the narrowness of my subject, we decided my topic would close out the section. My paper follows work on body image and art therapy, so I thought I would focus more on the positive effects that hormone replacement therapy (HRT) has on transgender people’s quality of life in order to smooth the transition from piece to piece. I’m also trying to find more writing on how the COVID-19 pandemic affects HRT accessibility.


Final Paper Outline:

1. Overview of gender transition and transgender identity

(Updated!) Outline

I spent this weekend fleshing out my prior outline to have a clearer picture of how I will proceed with writing my final chapter. Because I am covering vaccines in the (Mis)Information group, I will place a heavy emphasis on the artists that are involved with spreading information about vaccines/antibodies, leaving the science-heavy details for just my background/introduction for context.

Week 8: Revised final outline - Economics, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

During Wednesday’s seminar, I was put in the technology and economy group. After discussing each of our plans for the final essay, we decided on a preliminary order for our chapters. In order to maintain a good flow between the chapters written by each team member, as well as avoid covering the same topic multiple times, we decided that Adam and I would write the last two chapters.


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